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Servicing kids ages 3 to 14, we highlight kids' beauty and uplift confidence with cool, trendy braiding styles. We execute our mission by providing a fun and entertaining atmosphere coupled with a team of witty yet professional braiders.

Fun Studio

Unlike the typical "braiding shop", our intimate STUDIO cultivates a fun and high energy environment. As a guest, kids enjoy movies, music, and games. From arts and crafts to exploring on our interactive whiteboard, your child can participate in exciting activities while being serviced.

Kid-Friendly Prices

At KINKX STUDIO, we believe children deserve quality service at a kid-friendly price. Parents shouldnt have to spend hundreds of dollars on hairstyles for kids. We offer braiding services as low as $25.

Core Values

Beauty. We treasure children's inner and outer beauty. We embrace each child's beauty with cool braiding designs.

Health. We believe healthy eating affects healthy hair.

Education. Education is pivotal to a child's growth. At KINKX STUDIO, we ensure our clients are entertained, while being serviced, with television, books, and games that stimulate their brains.

Dreams. Dreams occur when kids' minds drift, their desires formulate, and they imagine what they can make happen in their lives. Here at KINKX STUDIO, we value kids' dreams and encourage them to live them out.