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Kinkx Studio is a kid-focused hair braiding studio that provides braiding, locing, and hair extension services to children ages 3–14 years old. Unlike the typical “braiding shop”, the intimate studio cultivates a fun and welcoming atmosphere. As a guest of Kinkx Studio, children enjoy art and crafts, movies, music, books, and games. The studio features an Epson BrightLink 455Wi interactive projector where clients can play interactive games and watch movies.

Kinkx Studio moved into the Hamilton-Lauraville Mainstreet area in March 2012. There the client base catapulted from 50 to 1300 within months. Kinkx Studio was also recognized as Best Salon in Baltimore's Best 2014. Now located in West Baltimore, Kinkx Studio will continue to boost children confidence with cool trendy braiding styles. Kinkx Studio has been featured in The Baltimore Sun, Bmore Media, and on WBFF FOX 45 Morning News.

How It Began

Angelique Redmond began her professional career in hospital administration, taking her from Washington, DC to Baltimore, MD, quickly excelling through the professional ranks. As a mother of three, Mrs. Redmond became a parent-leader in her children’s school and throughout the community—which led to her passion to invest in the development and well being of children. She then combined her craft, leadership skills and entrepreneurial spirit to birth Kinkx Studio. When not working in the studio, Mrs. Redmond fearlessly seizes opportunities to expand her business and builds partnerships throughout her community.

Kid-Friendly Prices

At Kinkx Studio, we believe children deserve quality service at a kid-friendly price. Parents shouldnt have to spend hundreds of dollars on hairstyles for kids.

Core Values

Beauty. We treasure children's inner and outer beauty. We embrace each child's beauty with cool braiding designs.

Health. We believe healthy eating affects healthy hair.

Education. Education is pivotal to a child's growth. At Kinkx Studio, we ensure our clients are entertained, while being serviced, with television, books, and games that stimulate their brains.

Dreams. Dreams occur when kids' minds drift, their desires formulate, and they imagine what they can make happen in their lives. Here at Kinkx Studio, we value kids' dreams and encourage them to live them out.